Yours Truly, Robert & Julie

robert-julie Yours Truly, Robert & Julie follows the chronicles of a young Seattle couple navigating the land of spice and blazing sky: Morocco. Come with us as we meander through color-bursting markets of ancient medinas. As we sip the seventh glass of mint tea in the warmth of a family’s salon. As we learn and laugh with our students at the city youth center. Sometimes we’ll stumble—but the view will always be stunning.

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  • Dads & Daughters
    When I told my dad that I was dropping everything to move to North Africa and teach for no salary, his response was, “Okay, good. I’m not surprised.” He knew me. He knew that I’d always had big dreams that involved travel and adventure and risky paths. He knew that I...
  • Girls Leading Our World Part II: Gender Advocacy Training
    In late May, the Gender and Development Committee (GAD) organized a Gender Advocacy Training, a two day conference that addressed gender issues in the Moroccan context. We both attended, along with two GLOW girls, Sarah and Dounia. Like the Project Design & Management Training, this one was held in Fes. It...
  • Girls Leading Our World Part I: Origin Story
    Empowerment, imagination, and accessibility. These things are important to girls and young women all around the world—including in our under-resourced Moroccan community. To make a real grassroots difference where it matters most, the students in my Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Club are building a community library. Morocco has an extremely...
  • Kawtar Turns Ten
    This is how it happens here. One afternoon, we get a phone call from our host sister Amal. “Kawtar’s birthday is tomorrow. We’re having a party. Come over at four!” No advance notice. No way of knowing what we’re about to walk into. A small, family-only gathering for tea and a...
  • First Time in Fes
    Rabat is Morocco’s official capital city—its governmental and administrative capital. Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is its economic capital. But Fes, you’ll hear people say, is the cultural capital of Morocco. The ancient center of art and architecture and science and scholarship in North Africa. It also has a reputation, both among...
  • Two Moments with Mama
    Moment 1: Wednesday at Kaskrut Hussein (an acquaintance of the family): Are you two fasting for Ramadan? Robert and Julie: uhhhhhhh inshallah. Mama Ryqqia: No, they’re not fasting! Leave them alone! Hussein: YOU HAVE TO FAST. YOU. HAVE. TO. FAST. Robert and Julie: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh inshallah. Hussein: Inshallah? YES, YOU ARE GOING TO FAST. Mama Ryqqia: NO. Tell...