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CatWining & Whining is about my life in Moldova with the Peace Corps – and all the things that come with that. Sometimes that includes drinking wine and whining about things, but mostly it’s an adventure!

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  • My Family in Moldova
    "Have you been crying today?" she asked as we sat down to coffee and sunflower seeds at the kitchen table that I hadn't eaten at for over a year. How did she know? Besides the fact that I'm, um.. known for my tears, she knew because she's my mom. My "host"...
  • Something of Impact
    At our Close of Service Conference, we were supposed to prepare something for the "Something of Impact" session, where we all talked about how awesome Peace Corps was something impactful from our service. It could be anything. It WAS anything. I did not share. I had this prepared forever in advance, had written...
  • Catch up.
    Has it been a hundred years? I know, it feels like it has. I've got some soul-searching posts coming up (obviously), but since it's been so long, I thought I'd tell you what's been going on in life since the year started. January: Rang in the New Year with friends in the capital...
  • Well, we're not going to baptize our children together.
    This is my favorite phrase that I've never actually heard.We're not going to baptize our children together.Тебе же с ним не детей крестить, literally "You don't baptize children with him."One of my friends learned this phrase and told me about it. His example is - you hate your boss, and your...
    Well, it's all in the details, as they say. (Who says that, actually?) MY favorite tiny detail that you may or may not notice in Moldova is the GLITTER. I just want everything to be sparkly all of the time, because life is obviously better when it sparkles. Moldova really pulls...
  • Meet the Mayor
    Do I talk enough about how much I love the mayor of my village? No? I definitely do in person, so if you're missing out there, here's a little intro to Domnul Primar (Mr. Mayor).Whenever we are placed in an organization, we all have a designated partner. For me, that...