Whereugandaray: My Adventures in the Peace Corps


This blog is a description of my experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda. Keeping this blog has been one of the highlights of my service as it has really given me a chance to reflect on and distill my experiences here. Writing these posts and sharing them has truly been a labor of love

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  • Covenant Youth Home Holiday Fundraiser
    Last year, I introduced many of you to this project when it was three young men cooperating to provide a room and one or two meals a day to ten boys who had been living on the streets of Kampala, Uganda. It’s been amazing to watch the program grow and...
  • Coming Home
      Well, I’ve finished my Peace Corps service in Uganda, have been back in the US for a month and the adventures continue. I really am glad that I had someone to pick me up at the airport when I arrived. I had considered renting a car from Dulles airport (outside...
  • Finishing Up Life in Uganda
      Good morning. As I am coming into the home stretch of my service, I feel like reflecting on my time here and my life in Uganda. There are so many images that roll through my head, so many of them in contradiction to one another, that I am frequently confused....
  • Salt Harvesting
    I had a very cool 4th of July this year. I took a couple of days with my Peace Corps friend, Cindy to explore a couple of the fishing villages that are in within the borders of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is somewhat unique in Uganda, as most of...
  • Asa’s Visit
    My youngest son, Asa, came to visit me for two weeks in May. It turned out to be an epic visit for a bunch of reasons. First, I’ve been in Uganda for two years now. I knew that would be a long stretch to be away from my family and...
  • My Close Of Service Conference
    I’m back at home and things have calmed down since my last post. President Museveni has come to visit the region, has personally led his troops into the mountains to route out the “troublemakers”, has made a bunch of arrests, and has met with the kings of local tribes that...