Two Years In Togo

ElizabethThis blog follows the 27 months I am living and working in Togo as a Community Health and Malaria Prevention Agent with the Peace Corps. I write about my work projects, my cultural experiences, and general day-to-day life.


















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  • You Thought You Were Done With Me
    If you can believe it (because I’m still having a hard time) I left Togo about six weeks ago. After finishing my service and fulfilling all of the administrative requirements to complete being a volunteer, I had what is called a “ring-out ceremony.” All of the employees of Peace Corps...
  • The Big Question
    Before leaving my village I got the chance to meet the volunteer who will be replacing me during her two week site visit. Our time overlapped for one week together in Zogbegan before I had to leave for Lome to close my service. At first I wasn’t that excited about...
  • Before and After
    To say this blog post has been in the making for two years is no exaggeration. It’s not about some grand moving topic, but about something in my opinion equally as important – infrastructure. Did you ever watch one of the last seasons of the West Wing when CJ is...
  • So… like what do you eat?
    One of the things I’ve been trying to do before I leave is document the interesting cuisine of Togo. Many of the traditional dishes here can be found in other West African countries. Meals such as fufu and pate are common in different variations across the region. So if you’ve...
  • Celebrating the USA and a Maternal Center
    This post is dedicated to two celebrations. For Fourth of July I found myself in Lome. This meant I got the rare chance to celebrate an American holiday with other Americans! Living in DC the past five years before PC meant that Fourth of July became almost sacrosanct. Festivities usually...
  • Quarter life bday and COS conference
    So once again my promises to constantly be updating the happenings of Togo through this blog have been false. Hey, at least I’m consistent people. I’ve mainly been focusing on trying to wrap up my work in village as I only have TWO MONTHS LEFT. My village and I have...