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  • Travelin’ Around Morocco
    Throughout the Peace Corps Morocco community people are always complaining about the transportation options. The buses too late, the taxis too full, or the roads too windy. However, the different transportation options in Morocco are one of my favorite parts. I love squeezing in to an already full taxi, or...
  • My Home
    About 18 months ago you could not have convinced me under any circumstances that Tamnougalt would become my home. Not my second home, not my home away from home, but my actual home. I have developed some of the most real and beautiful relationships with people in this...
  • Why I joined Peace Corps Morocco
    With the start of the New Year comes the inevitable and often annoying “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Unfortunately I am no exception to the stereotype and have set an abundant amount of resolutions.  Some cliché, a few unique, and some outright unrealistic goals; but they have all been set.  This year, as one of my...
  • As another Ramadan approaches….I’ll discuss last Ramadan ;)
    I cannot believe I have waited so long to discuss Ramadan. It was without a doubt one of the most culturally rich experiences I have ever been blessed to be a part of in my entire life. For those who do not have any idea as to what Ramadan is here...
  • First 3 Months in site….so long ago !
    Hello my lovely friends and family. Yes, I have a blog….I have not written in it for over 6 months (sorry Grammie,) but yes it exists. And after all the nagging I have gotten from my mother, I have decided to get reacquainted with my blog. Now…lets see, what have...
  • Tamnougalt, New Duor, New Me :)
    These past two weeks have gone by so fast it is hard to believe I am already sitting in the bedroom of my final site. Let’s back up a little bit though.  On March 29 I packed up my things and said a long and sad goodbye to my Host Family...