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  • Tạm biệt Saigon
    When we started our trip through Southeast Asia, our itinerary was wide open. We filled in cities as we went, revising when things didn’t work out, and staying in each city till we felt like moving on. Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, was our last stop. (We had booked...
  • I like you Dalat
    Before I tell you what a treat Dalat was, I have to start by thanking my lucky stars that we A. arrived safely and B. I had a seat on the bus. Overnight buses in Southeast Asia have mixed reviews and if you Google too much, you might get yourself worked...
  • Banh Mi, Banh Mi, Banh Mi
    Our stay in Hoi An was full of wonderful surprises. It started with a one bus arrival. Up until that point, we had bought bus tickets that really meant a tuk tuk, van and bus, back of truck to bus, or any combination of transportation options. But never just one mode...
  • Oh Hey, Hue
    Hue and Mr. Lac may have been my favorite part of our Southeast Asia adventure. I know. That’s a bold statement considering how much I loved Don Dhet in Laos, and my serious connection with the chicken that rode across the border into Vietnam with us. But Hue (pronounced Hoo-Ey) was very...
  • Xin Chao, Vietnam
    We thought the hardest part about leaving Laos would be tearing ourselves away from the 4,000 Islands. Not for the first or last time on our trip, we were wrong. Don Dhet, and all of the islands I’d imagine, have a sort of Shangri-La gravitational pull. A short vacation easily turns...
  • Sah-bai-dee, Laos
    We almost missed out on the best part of the trip.  The visa delay in Thailand (and the required return trip to Bangkok) meant cutting our original plan to head to Vietnam through northern Laos. We said goodbye to our plans to see stunning waterfalls and cross the border by boat,...