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campgaeblerPictures and descriptions of my work, cultural information as it relates to my experience and other adventures they I am able to partake in while I’m here!

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  • By the numbers.... and Greetings and Leave-takings
    I thought it would be fun to add up some numbers of things I kept track of while in Costa Rica.  To start with,  I found out Francis and I each were one of 220,000 Peace Corps Volunteers to serve around the world since the inception of Peace Corps in 1961....
  • FAQ's
    This blog is an attempt to answer some of the questions asked of us from both Costa Ricans and stateside family and friends.   In case you've been thinking to ask the same thing, read on...But first:     We got a little taste of life after PC last week, as...
  • My New Norm; what I've grown accustomed to (and what I haven't)
         It's hard to decide what to write about as our time here narrows down to the last 3 months. You've seen and heard a lot about what we do for work here.   But since many of the highlights of June, didn't take place in Costa Rica, I...
  • Life: Una Montaña Rusa (A Roller Coaster)
         Over the months, I've taken many notes about what I might write about on my blog, but none of them seem to fit when I get down to writing.  It's more about what's happening at the time and how I'm feeling when I sit down to write.   ...
  • Where surprises lurk
    Last weekend, as Francis and I spent a few days out of community (OOC in PC lingo; we get 3 days/month), I am struck by the similarities of what I experience on a daily basis in my PC service and what happens when I go on a walk through the...
  • Feliz Dia de Resurrección
        This time of year is always an especially happy time for us, since normally we get to see many of our friends and family at our annual Easter Brunch.  I love how it represents hope in our lives, a time of change and new beginnings, growth and time...