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     Welcome to Angonia, Tete, Mozambique.  My time with Peace Corps finished in June and after a trip home to the states, I have returned. I did experience a few reverse culture shocks, especially with the costs of items and how they are so easily thrown into the shopping cart, and...
  • Infected with Africa
    I sit here in my apartment on my last Sunday morning in my village, and I am wondering why I feel so strange. My symptoms have been persistently obvious, as careful as I’ve been. Why didn’t I realize that this was happening? I caught an infection.  I think it’s chronic. ...
    As I finish up my Peace Corps 2nd year assignments, and am in my last weeks of service, the most fulfilling project is also concluding. The Magude Family Park! From start to finish, it has taken approximately 11 months, overcame a few barriers, and has resulted in what community buy-...
  • Armando's Scholarship
    This morning Father Rey and I took off to go and inform Armando’s family of the scholarship the church is offering to the Agronomy High School next year. Armando and I have been friends for quite some time here; originally we met at the hospital when he was referred to...
  • Lessons learned from two suitcases
    Beginning in January of this year I have been preparing to count down my last six months here as a volunteer and started to pack to leave my site. (This is a quirk that I have; I think it has something to do with my controlling time, urgency, and readiness....
  • “Thinking about Thinking”, Secondary Project.
    This is a project that I delivered to ten pre-school, first and second grade classes.  A meeting was done with the Administrators of the schools to introduce  the importance of teaching critical thinking.  The project was based on reading a book in an interactive teaching strategy.  The feedback from the...