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  • English?
    You know how it’s cool to have clothing, or items, or maybe even a tattoo in a foreign language?  It shows off how smart you are, or how much you like other cultures.  However, it’s really important that before committing to such and endeavor, you make sure that what you are...
  • A Moroccan Wedding Story: The Wedding
    “She’s here!!” my host sister’s friend shouted as she grabbed my hand and led me with a small procession of other girls to where the car had parked with my host sister inside. As she stepped out, I couldn’t believe that this queen in front of me was my host...
  • A Moroccan Wedding Story: The Days Before
    Thursday evening, I went with my host sisters to pick out the dress I would rent for the wedding. In Morocco, there are two common types of formal dresses. One is called a Tukshita and it is two pieces: one full length dress and a long vest that goes over...
  • A Moroccan Wedding Story: The Engagement Party
    I went to my first Moroccan engagement party when I studied abroad in 2010. It was a small gathering of just the immediate families and my roommate and me. At one point my host dad jokingly asked if we gave our approval to the marriage as it was his son...
  • A Moroccan Wedding Story: Finding the Right Guy
    “It’s off,” my host sister said. “The wedding isn’t happening.” “And you’re happy about that, right?” I questioned cautiously. “Oh, yes,” she affirmed. “Good!” I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Now, I know you are wondering what happened between yesterday and today that made my host sister call off her wedding and...
  • A Moroccan Wedding Story: The Introduction
    It is rare for a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco to go through their entire service and never attend a wedding. At the same time, it is also rare for a volunteer to not just attend the wedding but see the relationship all the way from its incipiency. My host...