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  • My Next Adventure: Southeast Asia
    Planned trip through Southeast Asia              Having finished my Peace Corps services in Madagascar and having some down time with family and friends during the holidays, I am now leaving for my next big adventure.  This trip will take me to the other side of the world and through most of...
  • The New Blog
      This blog has always been about showcasing Madagascar’s culture and way of life, as well as chronicling my own experiences, both in my Peace Corps service and travels.  My goal as I move forward is to continue to journal my experiences around the world, but to also...
  • My Home: Third Year
                   For my third year extension with Peace Corps I moved to Diego and served as the Volunteer Leader for the north of Madagascar.  The following is a video of the Peace Corps regional office, transit house, and my home.  Enjoy!               Here is a video of my house that...
  • The Beautiful Islands of St. Marie & Ile aux Natte
    View of Île aux Nattes from the bay.             I took my last vacation in Madagascar on two small islands off the eastern coast of Madagascar; Île Sainte-Marie and Île aux  Natte.  St. Marie has been on my ‘To Do’ list since I first arrived in Madagascar and I was...
  • TEFL and What it Means on the Ground
    This is a picture of all of the children who volunteered to come to school during their summer vacation so that my stage had the opportunity to finish our practice teaching. This was on the last day of practice teaching! As Peace Corps Volunteers, we learn to throw around a...
  • Lemurs
    Me with a Brown Lemur in Andasibe           Lemurs, one of the most well known animals in Madagascar, are just one of the many animals that are indigenous to Madagascar.  These primates, looking something like the mixture of a monkey and a dog, can be found...