KateyRedThrough an Autistic PCV’s eyes, Eish tries to share South Africa beyond apartheid and derogatory public health statistics and share the resilient and beautiful country filled with dynamic cultures! Come view life in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal province as we simultaneously attempt to portray a more balanced view of South Africa, break stereotypes as a PCV with permanent mental health needs, and document service as a health extension volunteer focused on HIV reduction. Life in “the Rainbow Nation” is never boring!

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  • (My) Interrupted Service: it is what it IS
    I have a feeling this is going to be a melodramatic cluster of words; regardless of what diction I try to maneuver. Here is how I broke the news to my cohort with my dark humor: latrine fiasco of 2015, instead of sending a general courtesy e-mail saying that my...
  • Disclosure: Silent at Site and Screaming Online
      Before I begin, a family friend shared this article written by a 13-year-old girl on the spectrum and it was so well done that I had to pass it along. Please read her articulate descriptions about the challenges verbal autistics face. Also I have a blog category peace corps autistic...
  • Human Rights Day in SA
    Sanibonani, Another South African Holiday is coming to a close. March 21st is called Human Rights Day but it is the anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960. One of the ways the government under Apartheid rule maintained power was the use of passbooks which contained identification specific the racial classification....
  • Sounds From an amaZulu Compound
    Sanibonani, It has been awhile. There are many stories to tell, and my hope is to share them with my wifi access this week. Anticipate a You Tube music Fiesta for the next two days. When I was doing a blogging boot camp, some bloggers shared sounds of their community for a...
  • The Choice to Enter the Empathizing Soup
    I wrote this shortly after I moved to Amajuba. As I was struggling to integrate and at a loss for amaZulu cultural topics, I used my psychology background to reflect on human behavior. I still struggle to connect with the PCV community at my post and after gaining permission from...
  • When “Going to the Mountain” Does Not Involve S’mores
    The final prompt for the Blogging Abroad Boot Camp: My new normal (aka the behaviors we required). One of the biggest PC adages in existence is that service makes you a completely different person. Some PCVs do undergo a personality transformation, yet I cannot say South Africa completely changed me....