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  • Things PCVs are tired of hearing
      Things PCVs are tired of hearing The work you are doing is so admirable. PCVs do not join Peace Corps to be admired or to feel like we “are helping the less fortunate” (those that do quickly change their perspective or quit). For one thing do not dehumanize my...
  • What is a sitemate and why do they matter?
    Sitemates refer to those Peace Corps Volunteers that reside within geographic proximity of your site or place of assignment. There is no definition as to the distance which determines whom is considered a sitemate. It, in my opinion, is up the PCV. For Peace Corps Philippines, after nearly two months...
  • On being back in America
    I surprised my little sister for her college graduation in May. For the famous surprise see video! It was great being In Texas and see family, friends and host importantly my dog. The trip was great and to be honest the reverse cultural shock wasn’t as bad as I thought...
  • The step forgotten when leveling the playing field
    I have a friend who told me one time “I do not think it is fair that just because of where I was born, I got a different quality of education as my older siblings.” This made a lot of sense when I heard it. He recognized his privilege in...
  • Why I am youth service provider
    When you look up the definition of “Youth” you may be surprised to find that many agencies, including the United Nations, will tell you that the age range for youth is 15-24. That would, by their definition, make me a youth. The 15-24 age range is a very dynamic stage...
  • Identity
      “What are you?” This question I have been asked many times in my life, typically once I introduce myself as Ricardo or in reference to my last name, Espitia. As if I am mistaken with my name and I need to justify why I answer to Ricardo Espitia. My...