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  • A final farewell
    The time finally came. After two years living in Namibia teaching full time at Oshikulufitu Combined School, my service has ended. It is amazing how fast it all went. On Friday, I had to say goodbye to all of my learners and colleagues… it was a very emotional day. The...
  • "So how are you feeling about coming/going home?"
    Greetings, all.It's been a while! I've been doing my best in these last months to savor every minute left in Namibia. Now the time has finally come and my two years of Peace Corps service are nearly finished. Some days, COS (Close of Service aka the end) felt like it...
  • A very belated post: Bud & Peggy take on The Land of the Brave
    Let me start off with an apology, as is the norm with my posts. This one is a bit more delayed than most... As I mentioned, my parents came to visit Namibia back in January; however, while recently checking through old posts, I realized that I never actually uploaded the...
  • Next Project!
    Hello all!Hopefully you had a chance to check out my last post all about Serve 2 Lead. This week's post (yes, I'm posting two consecutive weeks!) is about the next youth development project that I have coming up.As you may remember from last year, I am a camp facilitator for...
  • Serve 2 Lead
    Happy Friday, blog readers!I'm so excited to tell you all about Serve 2 Lead (S2L), a leadership development program that I've been a part of for the past 9 months or so. I talked about it a bit in my last post entitled "Time Flies", but I'll give a quick...
  • Time Flies
    Hello, earthling blog readers!Sorry for the huge dearth of posts. Life happens. Blogging doesn't always! Here are some month by month updates and such since I last posted.MarchSchool started again (post-flooding) at the very end of March. Things were hugely hectic as we had a lot of class time to...