Christine’s Peace Corps Service in Ethiopia

ChristineFollow my whirlwind adventure of Peace Corps service in beautiful Ethiopia, where I am constantly learning amazing new things about myself and this country, while I do my best to serve my community.

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  • Delayed Closure and My New Adventure
    Hey guys. I know its been awhile. As in seven months. I wasn’t in the right space for a long time to be able to write about coming home from Ethiopia early in the way I did. Those of you close to me know what happened and why I came...
  • Unleashing the GLOW
    A couple of weeks ago I directed a week long summer camp called Camp GLOW. GLOW stands for Girls Leading Our World. 13 PCVs, 4 counterparts, and 39 students came together for 6 days of learning, bonding, growing, and GLOWing. Camp was awesome for the students. For me, it was honestly...
  • The Holy City of Harar Jugol
    I recently-early July-spent four days in Harar, the fourth holiest city in Islam. I know, casual. (The first three are Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. Harar, especially the old walled city-called Jugol- is unlike any other place I’ve been to in Ethiopia. We were welcomed peacefully, calmly, with no shouting at us as we...
  • Ya Et’yop’ya Serg—An Ethiopian Wedding!
    Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend my very first Ethiopian wedding. What an experience! I actually a unique, first-hand view of some of the events leading up to the wedding as well. The groom was my landlady Desu’s brother, and he and his fiancé Dinko spent the week leading...
  • One Park, Five Worlds
    Guess what?! My mom just came to visit! We had a wonderful time exploring, spending time with my friends and Ethiopian family, and just enjoying each other’s company. We spent four days in my rural village Lissana, and I had a great time showing her my world. We also spent...
  • A Major Milestone and the Birthplace of Coffee
    Happy May! Or, in other words, month 16 of my Peace Corps service. During month 15, aka April, I passed another major milestone in my service and then ventured down to visit friends living in the birthplace of coffee—the Keffa Zone. The milestone I speak of was MSC (Mid-Service Conference for...