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BethThe musings and experiences of a professional mariner turned Peace Corps Volunteer in land-locked Lesotho.

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  • It Could Have Been Me: World AIDS Day
    Happy World AIDS Day!24.9% of Lesotho’s population currently is infected with HIV. Think about that for a moment.It is absolutely mind blowing to look around yourself at a meeting, party, football match, or funeral and think that statistically one-quarter of the people you are looking at have HIV.Somehow, as I...
  • Dino Printing
    Dinosaur footprints in Morija, Lesotho200 million years ago Lesotho, like much of the world, was home to dinosaurs. There is even a dinosaur named after Lesotho: the Lesothosaurus. This dinosaur was a small, agile, herbivore, traveled on two legs, and would have been about thigh high on an adult human.Thanks...
  • Peace Corps' Bang, A Response
    Children at a local school perform plays they wrotehighlighting gender norms. The focus and measurements forthe lesson was connected to gender and culture, however,teambuilding, creativity, and improved comfort speakingEnglish publicly are all unmeasured and unreportedoutcomes as well. A week ago, Thomas Hill published the blog "The Peace Corps: A lot of...
  • A Royal Birthday Celebration
    At the top, LDF on parade. On the left, the King, Queen, Princesses,and Prince promenade and wave. On the right, my favorite performersdo flips. And at the bottom, young men perform a traditional dancewhile wearing the yellow for Mafeteng.July 17th marks the birthday of his Majesty, King Letsie III, King...
  • Oops! I did it again!
    Over three years ago, I arrived in Lesotho and I fell in love...not with a person (sorry gentlemen and Aunt Betsy who is convinced I will come home engaged!), but with the country, its culture, and its amazingly open, welcoming, and friendly people.Last year, when the close of my Peace...
  • Wildlife and Waterfall: 5 Days in Victoria Falls
    My friend and fellow PCVL, Catie, and I are walking down a road chatting away and scoping out Baobab trees. When we had been closer to the river, I had startled Catie by pretending I saw a giant crocodile approaching, causing her to scream. Suddenly, glancing past her, I stopped...