A Call to Moldova

ConniePhotos and descriptions of life in a village in Moldova with gardens, geese, and panoramas.

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  • Geese!
    This post self-indulgently compiles some of my goose photos and video. Boboci at the Sunday Market in spring. My Moldovan host family raised a flock of geese for meat every year while I was there. Goose meat was lean and a little stringy, without any particular distinctive flavor. I managed to avoid...
  • Moldova Wrap-up
    Now that I’m back home: did I get (and give) what I came for? Absolutely! Like most volunteers, my reasons for joining the Peace Corps were personal: to learn a language in an immersion setting, to have the experience of living “authentically” in another country, and to throw a little challenge...
  • Lazy June (but maybe too interesting)
    The 11-year old who lives with us recently taunted me with “Americans are lazy” referring to me, of course. My retrospective, undelivered come-back was “if Americans were lazy they wouldn’t be so rich” (also referring to me)—but she did have a point. I’ve been rather inactive this summer. I get...
  • Great Sunday (Pentecost)
    Pentecost in Moldova is called “Duminica Mare” or “Great Sunday.” In past years I didn’t realize it was Pentecost. To me it was the Day People Put Branches On Their Gates. A sycamore-maple branch on our front gate. The old summer house (casa mica) is to the left. One Moldovan newspaper commentator...
  • Bilingual Rooster
    https://cdmcclellan.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/tworoosters.mp3We’ve got a rooster who somehow never learned to crow properly. He’s the black and white speckled guy. Now one of the brown and white speckled roosters (we’ve got two of those) mimics The Questioner, but he can also crow correctly. I guess the brown one is trying...
  • Spring! (Why wait?)
    Marțișor has not come too early for me! It’s the first day of spring according to the calendar that anticipates the equinoxes by assigning the season changes on the first of the months of March, June, September and December. Although I had a wonderful vacation in January, I’ve been dragging...