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To inspire and equip bloggers who work, study, or volunteer abroad to promote cross-cultural exchange.


Our Bloggers:

You’re not so much a travel blogger as you are a digital Ambassador. You want to make an impact and make the most of the unique experiences you’re having. You want your family, friends, and readers – who couldn’t join your adventure in person – to experience your host country and benefit from all the amazing things you’re learning.

Not only are you a cultural ambassador, you’re also an ambassador for your particular role or organization. Your blog will inform and inspire others who want to follow in your footsteps.


How to Get Involved:


In 2013, Jedd and Michelle Chang were among the winners of Peace Corps’s first ever Blog It Home competition, which recognizes Volunteer blogs for cultural content and quality. Recognizing the impact that bloggers can have to promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding, they launched a new travel blog, Intentional Travelers, and founded Blogging Abroad to help others “level up” their blogs.



How do I get my posts featured on BloggingAbroad.org

For your blog to be considered for BloggingAbroad.org, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are living abroad currently
  2. One of your blog’s primary focuses is on cross-cultural education

If you meet these criteria, submit your URL via our Submit Page. This will get you on the blogs list. Make sure to indicate the country you are blogging from and if you’re there through a particular organization so we can make sure your blog shows up in the right places.

Note that we create blogger profiles manually, so it may take a couple weeks before your blog appears on our page.

How do I remove my blog from your site listing?

If you no longer wish for your blog to be included on BloggingAbroad.org, simply e-mail us at hello@bloggingabroad.org or fill out this form with the URL you want removed. You must be the owner of the blog to request removal.

What is a Blog Challenge?

Blogging Abroad periodically hosts Blog Challenges as a way for the community to hone their skills, publish great content consistently for a set period of time, and share their cultural blog posts together. You’ll get prompts by e-mail, and each prompt will challenge you to craft a blog post based on a particular topic or style.

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