Bridging cultures through blogging

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If you are living abroad in a new culture, then you have a precious opportunity to help people back home experience your host country and benefit from all the amazing things you’re learning and doing.


When it comes to making a bigger cross-cultural impact with your blog, there are a few possible obstacles that can hold you back. At Blogging Abroad, we help bloggers overcome these challenges.

–  If you have a hard time coming up with what to write about that will keep your readers interested, or

–  If you’re struggling to paint an honest picture of your host culture without being too biased or ranting, or

–  maybe you’ve fallen behind on posting consistently – because you haven’t stayed motivated or your internet access is limited where you live.

–  If any of these describe your situation – or you’re simply ready to take your blog to the next level, to make a bigger cross-cultural impact and grow your readership –

then you’re in the right place.


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