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blogger-worldDoes your organization send students, volunteers, or interns abroad?

If so, they are undoubtedly sharing their experiences online in one way or another. Their blogs and social media accounts could either be a

huge asset or a serious liability for you.

If your constituents have:

Intentional, high quality content

      Then YOU have:

Free Marketing and Positive PR

Nothing posted

A missed opportunity to reach more people

Inappropriate posts

a PR nightmare

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage your constituent’s online presence by partnering with Blogging Abroad.

We work with organization to license customized tools and resource materials for online storytellers. We also partner with organizations that simply want to promote our resources directly to their constituents.

Blogging Abroad Toolkits

Distribute our e-guides to help online storytellers share their experiences in a high-quality, cross-culturally sensitive way. They'll develop valuable skills while making a wider online impact.

Online Courses

Enroll constituents in engaging, 4 to 10 week courses to master blog and online storytelling skills. Customize the course to your specifications, offer discount incentives, or auto-enroll your constituents.

Reach the BloggingAbroad Audience

Share a product or service that would be valuable to the Blogging Abroad audience. We will consider sponsored guest posts, web and newsletter ads, and other partnership opportunities.

Let us know how we can help:

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