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  • Small Update from a January Event

    Quick! A few links to a project that my sitemate, Lisa Nations, and I prepared way back in January for the Koranic students in Ourossogui. Yes, those same Koranic students that live in my house. Which means! That I got to watch all of these kids, my host brothers and nephews and friends, benefit from … Continue reading Small Update from a January Event &rarr […]

  • Binta Basse Was a Dumb A**

    Hot season is upon us, it’s down to the last six months, and my appreciation of this government-funded adventure changes and grows with the time of the year. Apologies about the four-month lull, but I have been engrossed in the second year of Peace Corps, and it has been one of the loveliest periods of … Continue reading Binta Basse Was a Dumb A** &rarr […]

  • The Alternate Universe of America

    During my Christmas trip to America, I believe that I saw almost everyone that reads this blog. It was most likely at the surprise party thrown by my magnificent sisters, during which my face swelled up like a balloon, an unintended side effect of culture shock/all the America-ness. Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU … Continue reading The Alternate Universe of America &rarr […]

  • A Year and Then Some

    Somehow, I am at this halfway point in my service: one year down, one year left to go. Somehow, I can hold extensive conversations in a language that we just started learning last September. Somehow, I feel at-home and comfortable in this place that overwhelmed me only one year ago. Somehow, I have finished three … Continue reading A Year and Then Some &rarr […]

  • Moonlight, Holidays, and Some Recent Photos

    It’s harvest time! Well, for the beans at least. We have a few weeks until millet and corn will be coming out. Another rainy season delight was girls’ camp, a 6-day extravaganza hosted by our Matam region volunteers in the beginning of September. We organized classes on reproductive health, hand-washing, nutrition, environmental education, career options, future … Continue reading Moonlight, Holidays, and Some Recent Photos &rarr […]

  • Late Rains, Late Blog Post

    Wuah wuah sorry for the writing hiatus! Along with torrential rains, rainy season has also brought about a surge of work. Although the rains were a month late, rains this year have been a drastic increase from the past year, something that my mother and all of the farmers remind me daily. (We are already at … Continue reading Late Rains, Late Blog Post &rarr […]