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  • Marianna Sharma: a digital ambassador for happy and peaceful life in India

    Enjoying story?Adjustable beautiful individual from Ukraine, who came to India for spiritual experience and found love for life. Staying and working in Pune with her Indian husband, finding balance between eastern and western culture she perfectly fits in as non-Indian Indian wife role. Meet Marianna Sharma, a woman who is a digital ambassador for happy and peaceful life in India, having more than 6 years of Indian life experience and still counting. Hi! I’m Marianna. A designer, unshakable optimist, enthusiastic cook & non-Indian Indian wife. A born-and-raised Kyiv girl with keen interest in spirituality, miraculously turned Pune dweller years back. This is how Marianna describes herself in first words on her blog, the place where I actually first came across her person and life here in India A positive coffee addict, kind of a foodie person, a person who loves tasting delicious Indian cuisine, reading books. Check out more about a person who settled in India and lives her life in Pune, Maharashtra. Renata Cieślak: Hi, Marianna, nice to meet you! I’m extremely happy to have you here and it’s a huge pleasure and honor to share your story here. Thank you for openness. If you could describe yourself in … The post Marianna Sharma: a digital ambassador for happy and peaceful life in India appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]

  • Beyond words

    Enjoying story? “What about Apple?” – she would drop me a line on Facebook. A few minutes later and few messages more, our plan is ready. I’ll take the car early afternoon, pick up Ameeta from home and drive to one road in Aundh with all our favourite places – Apple, Starbucks and Crossword. An hour in the beauty parlour, followed by a good cup of coffee, – is our way to take a break and unwind. If time is in hand, we’ll take a few meditative rounds in the bookstore, surfing through new releases or picking up next reads. Trying to break a pattern of mundanely busy life, we’ve created our own pattern, which transformed into a monthly ritual of friendship. Ameeta is an architect, I’m a designer. Working with our husbands, we both know the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship. Brunette with flowing glossy hair, I remember meeting her for the first time at their home. On the way, Mr. Sharma just casually mentioned that it’s going to be a dinner with new friends. Amidst architecture and design chit-chat, Sudhir and Krishnendu were playing with tiny Jihaan, who impatiently crawled and twiddled things around. After a few rounds … The post Beyond words appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]

  • Togetherness

    Enjoying story? Trying to finally wake up, still in the bed, I inhaled jolting flavour of black coffee without sugar. It took few minutes to persuade myself to make a call. I dialled the number when confidence in my voice increased. Mother-in-law picked up the phone in a while. “Happy Anniversary!” – I exclaimed. “Thank you! To you too.” – she uttered cheerfully in Hindi, and abruptly hung up the phone amidst my “Will see you tonight!”. I quickly dressed up, packed Tiramisu, that was resting in the fridge, and left for office, foretasting this day, when parents celebrate 55th marriage anniversary. After work me, Seema, my sister-in-law, and her daughter headed to Balaji bakery en route to parents’ place. Two young men looked at us incredulously, when Purnima placed our cake on the top of the glass counter, requesting to write “Happy Anniversary”. One of them waveringly agreed, looking for cake decorating bag. The cream in it was bright pink. Unsure of correct spelling, timidly with shaking hand he copied A-n-n-i-v-e-r-s-a from plastic cake topper. Out of place, tiny r and y were hanging below the line. We purchased music candle and some wafers to justify their effort and … The post Togetherness appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]

  • Support system

    Enjoying story? First thing in the morning Jaya rushes to get dry laundry from our terrace, later arranging it in the bedroom. When she’s doing jharu-pocha, I sort and pack clothes for ironing in a special bedcover. Mr. Sharma goes through his mails, lazily sipping coffee on the sofa, I retire to the bathroom and get ready for office, letting home work happen side-by-side. We leave that bundle with disheveled garments in the car boot. Rafik, our driver, would give it to istriwala later and get it back by the end of the day. The office watchman greets us, grinning, ready to assist when we park. Yammu, our senior assistant, always picks up an apartment electricity bill. Working with Sudhir for last twenty years, he diligently helps in office and at home. Every time I call him, like a Genie in the bottle, when I can’t manage on my own, – be it pigeons in the balcony, broken pressure cooker or framing of photographs. Unlike Ukraine, where you get things done on your own, in India, there are people around to help. Over the years every family and business build their support system, which is like a net, – when … The post Support system appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]

  • From Ukraine to India: Mrs. Sharma

    Enjoying story? Hi! I’m Marianna. A designer, unshakable optimist, enthusiastic cook & non-Indian Indian wife. A born-and-raised Kyiv girl with keen interest in spirituality, miraculously turned Pune dweller years back. 1. Why did you move abroad? I never thought I could live without picturesque hills, snowy Christmases and jazzy summer nights of Kyiv. But love won over my childhood attachments. And that was love at the first sight. I was eager to visit India and meet my guru. After two years of raja yoga and multiple precautions from friends who’ve been there, I boarded plane to Delhi. All those stories about crossing Indian road, garbage on the streets, getting lost in railway station, where trains are never on time, made me nervous and excited. Amidst exotic chaos of Indian reality I surprisingly felt at home. And deep down inside I knew I’ll be back. When following autumn design internship opportunity turned up, I packed my bags without thinking twice. And that was the beginning of my Indian story. 2. How do you make a living? I currently help husband in his brand consulting business. With my background in marketing and design it became a perfect match of personal life and … The post From Ukraine to India: Mrs. Sharma appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]

  • For the Love of Raj Kapoor

    Enjoying story? On sunny December morning Mr. Sharma and I went to Mumbai for lunch with my friend’s mom from Kyiv. Heading to Russian Centre of Science and Culture, I enjoyed Sea Link drive and busyness of Peddar road. Mrs. Svetlana appeared at the gate in elegant ankle length dress, hiding behind the bags of Roshen sweets. Her icy blue eyes were sparkling with girlish excitement carefully disguised by delicate demeanour. Hugging and chit-chatting we headed to The Trident. Besides great dining and the sea view, it was a quiet cosy place to talk. After thai lunch at India Jones we were enjoying afternoon coffee at the lounge upstairs. Mrs. Svetlana gazed at rustling palms along the Marine Drive arc, telling about her visit to India. She arrived to Mumbai with Russian actress Ksenia Riabinkina ho had played the trapeze artist in “Mera Naam Joker” (1970) to join Raj Kapoor’s family and friends on the day of his 92nd birthday. Fascinated I was eager to hear her story. Svetlana Roshchenko, whose career in government, commercial and joint-stock organisations spanned for decades, founded International Cultural Relations Association few years back. Following her childhood dream she authored and co-produced documentary “Raj Kapoor. … The post For the Love of Raj Kapoor appeared first on Mrs. Sharma. […]