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  • The Symbol of Summer in Japan

    “So do you do hanabi every year?”, my husband asked our friends Hiroko and Fotoshi who brought us to the firework festival in Sagamihara. “No. We usually do hanabi every week throughout summer, going from one place to another,” Hiroko replied. She continued to tell us how firework watching (or Ohanabi/ Hanabi) is the symbol … Continue reading The Symbol of Summer in Japan &rarr […]

  • Summer (夏) in Japan

    Hot. Humid. Two common words often used by Japanese people when summer days come. In summer, the Japanese people’s way of opening the conversation is usually atsui desu ne (it’s hot, isn’t it?). And though I don’t really enjoy the sweat that comes from these hot, humid days of July and August, I have also … Continue reading Summer (夏) in Japan &rarr […]

  • #2 Sapporo: Summer Street Scenes and Food

    When I visit a new city, I like taking a walk to go to the usual tourist spots but I also like getting lost in small alleys and taking pictures of anything that captures my attention. For me this is a good way to get a glimpse of the city and observe the way of … Continue reading #2 Sapporo: Summer Street Scenes and Food &rarr […]

  • #1 Sapporo: Odori Park in the Summer

    “Wrapped in the silence of a (summer) evening. The aroma of grilling corn at the side of Odori Koen.” These are the words of a famous Japanese poet, Takuboku Ishikawa (except that I changed autumn to summer). In his monument in Odori Park, you can read his story about his visit in Sapporo in the autumn of 1907. I could … Continue reading #1 Sapporo: Odori Park in the Summer &rarr […]

  • That Beie-autiful Town

    There’s a tune that’s playing in my head while I write this blog post (I won’t share what it is but it’s reflected in the title). I’ve shared something about Biei already (Into the Fields of Biei) and yet I feel that I needed to write more about this beautiful Japanese town in Central Hokkaido. Aoi Ike … Continue reading That Beie-autiful Town &rarr […]

  • Summer Lavender Dreams

    Seeing a lavender farm is one of my silly teenage dreams. I’ll wear a white dress and a hat and will harvest in a huge lavender field. I will run in the field, smell the lavenders and just soak in the sun. Years passed and the dream just faded. It no longer matters anymore. It … Continue reading Summer Lavender Dreams &rarr […]