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David_DominicaDavid is a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a teacher in a small remote village on the island of Dominica.

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  • Maria
    I left Dominica on Saturday afternoon, August 19, after an amazing 27 month term of service in the Peace Corps. I love the people in my village and the overall beauty of Dominica. I had survived Tropical Storm Erika, which had wrecked the island two years ago. ...
  • One More Bat Chat
    After the Courts for Kids project wrapped up, I was able to coordinate a visit to Thibaud by two bat scientists (one Canadian, one British). They had come to Dominica for the summer to work with a fascinating program for college students called Operation Wallacea (OpWall). The picture...
  • Leaving Isn't Easy
    In the famous final episode of the “M*A*S*H” television show, B.J. Hunnicutt has a hard time saying the word “goodbye” to his friends. Despite Hawkeye's urging to say the word, he refuses. However, as a final farewell to his best friend, he spells out the dreaded word in...
  • New School!
    In my waning days in Dominica, I'm feeling good about closing various “chapters in the book” of my service here. I'm thrilled with how the Courts for Kids project went, as the court (and the new soccer goals) are getting used a lot each day (thanks especially to those...
  • A Tragic Feast
    I'm usually not a “night owl” type of person. However, this past Saturday night/Sunday morning, I didn't get home until after 4:00 AM (nearly as late as the previous night). The only reason I'm staying up to such late hours in the night is because this is our...
  • The State of the School
    This blog post is different than most, and may not be of interest to everyone. However, some of my friends involved in the field of education might enjoy this. During my first year, our school did not have any sixth graders, so we didn't have a graduation...