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David_DominicaDavid is a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a teacher in a small remote village on the island of Dominica.

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  • An Epic Battle
    There were two big events this past week at my school. After qualifying in the regional competition last month, the football (soccer) team traveled to Castle Bruce on Thursday for the next level of the primary school tournament. While I understand we won some games there, we unfortunately...
  • The Second Sea-mester
    Thursday was set to be a big day for me. Unfortunately, it began with a cold shower in the darkness. It surely isn't a good way to start the day! Normally, the weather here is fantastic! However, we've been suffering lately with a lot of wind, rain,...
  • My "Ode" to Radio
    Life without television has not been a problem for me. I enjoy multi-tasking while listening to the radio (via the internet here). I grew up in an era when we only had three television choices, so I often resorted to listening to the radio. This began in...
  • Graphic Arts
    [Before I start this story, I want to briefly mention that after a year and a half of wearing my WVU gear around this little island, I finally crossed paths with another WVU alum (we might be the only two here). Cherie Thomas lives here, but attended WVU from...
  • Friday Fun-day
    It's Carnival season here in Dominica (similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans). There will be no school on Monday and Tuesday as our village joins with the rest of the island in a big celebration prior to the start of Lent. [Click here to read my account...
  • Let There Be Light
    There is some big news in my village! But before I can explain, I need to be sure you understand my little village. We are fortunate to have a nice playing field across the river from our village (be aware that they don't have creeks here—every stream is called...