David Kurtz’s Kuribbean Quest

David_DominicaDavid is a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a teacher in a small remote village on the island of Dominica.

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  • A Four Falls Field Trip
    In Dominica, the Monday following Easter is a holiday. Without any normal buses running that day, and on the heels (as well as the envy) of the successful trip for sixth graders (see my previous blog story), the sixth grade teacher and I quickly concocted a plan for an...
  • A Mission Trip
    True friendship is an amazing phenomenon that can span across decades! I am so fortunate that one of my fellow classmates from high school has been reading this blog and following my adventure. She was one of my classmates who contributed school supplies to the “Kurtz Kidz” collection...
  • Planets (plus a motorcycle)
    I completed a pet project today which was meant to broaden the minds of my students. When you live on a small island, it isn't easy to grasp just how large things such as the solar system really are. So I came up with a way to convey...
  • Thank you, Darien!
    As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you are always looking out for ways to help your community. So when I heard about a small charity that specializes in sending boxes of books to Peace Corps Volunteers, I immediately submitted my request. That charity is located in the town of...
  • An Epic Battle
    There were two big events this past week at my school. After qualifying in the regional competition last month, the football (soccer) team traveled to Castle Bruce on Thursday for the next level of the primary school tournament. While I understand we won some games there, we unfortunately...
  • The Second Sea-mester
    Thursday was set to be a big day for me. Unfortunately, it began with a cold shower in the darkness. It surely isn't a good way to start the day! Normally, the weather here is fantastic! However, we've been suffering lately with a lot of wind, rain,...