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ChaChaThis is my personal blog that covers life and ideas beyond just my service abroad. It also covers biking culture and my short service in Africa, food systems and building relationships. This is a map of who I am.

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  • The Four Most Important Lessons My Service in Jamaica Taught Me.
    Important Things I have learned during my service: The two plus years I have been in service have been the most amazing and the most challenging. I have learned so much about myself, about working outside of my culture, about how you can be percieved outside of your own culture...
  • Fun Food Friday: Rasta Pasta
    I am not totally certain what exactly Rasta Pasta is aside from pasta with vegetables in it. I found that children that hate veggies ate this stuff up with relish, like literally finished the pot off.  I made it when I was visiting one of my host families last week,...
  • Mixed emotions as I come to the end of my time abroad.
    This post is part of’s Re-Entry BlogChallenge.   I am looking forward to going home soon, not because I want to go home, but because I miss my significant other more and more daily.  I feel like I am missing out on stuff.  I try not to think about...
  • Fun Food Friday: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
    This is not a Jamaican Dish, but more a cheap healthy and delicious dish to make with ingredients that are fairly cheap here.   This recipe is adapted from the Book “We Love Your Body”  which I really enjoyed reading. Large Head of Cabbage Onion Tomatoes or tomato sauce, or...
  • Fun Food Fridays: Tofu Cabbage Wraps with Peanut Sauce
    Since Monday I have cut out gluten, dairy, alcohol and added sugar from my diet.  This recipe falls nicely within those parameters.  It is also cabbage season here in Jamaica and cabbage is readily available and cheap right now. Tofu cabbage wraps/salad Modified from Eating Well Magazine recipe: Peanut Sauce...
  • I thought I would learn about another culture, but I learned about myself.
    A letter to my pre-PC self; This post is part of’s Re-Entry Blog Challenge.   Dear ChaCha There are things that will happen in the next two plus years that will be unexpected and sometimes difficult. The thing is, these challenges will change you in ways you never thought...