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I am an American teacher who accepted a teaching position in Qatar. I moved to Qatar in August 2016 with my 2 sons. My blog has very useful information about the process to teach overseas, how life is for an Expat family in Qatar, traveling, being in a long distance marriage, as well as teaching here.


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  • Footprints in the Sand
    I love being in front of the camera.  That sounds really arrogant, right?  I know but it’s the truth.  No, I don’t think I’m the most beautiful person in the world, not even close but I’ve learned to love myself and that was a journey.   I also think the camera...
  • Arabic 101: Lesson 3- Honestly Teachers Make the Worst Students
    It has been 5 weeks since I began taking Arabic course and every week I have to drag myself to go. Most of the time it’s because I’m lazy but I also run an after school activity where I am cooking healthy snacks with a group of 17 excited first-third grade...
  • Seeing the Beauty in my Imperfection
    When I first decided to blog, I knew I did not want to focus on my disease but then something wonderful recently happened.  More on that in a minute… I have alopecia totalis, hence the bald head.  Alopecia is a skin condition in which my immune system attacks my hair follicles,...
  • Arabic 101: Lesson 2
    Ahlan Wa Sahlan- Welcome, Hello If you ever want to know what it’s like to be an esl student, become one. ≈Me I’ve never been a very empathetic person but this class is causing a change in me when it comes to my class of first graders.  Even though they understand a lot...
  • Finding Fun on a Budget in Doha #1
    With my inner travel bug temporarily locked away and a new goal of saving this year, I’ve begun the mission of finding fun in Doha, while on a budget.  I browsed the Pleasure and Leisure section of my ‘My Qatar Book’ (discount book) and found Adventure Rooms. I booked a...
  • Dear Inner Travel Bug
    Dear Inner Travel Bug, You must be suppressed this year. I know, I know, it’s torture.  It is not easy on either of us, but it must be done.  You see last year I allowed you to run free and I’ll admit, IT WAS AMAZING.  But we have other things that we...