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The purpose of this Challenge is to get your blog into high gear with a consistent series of awesome culture-related blog posts.


  • Motivation and support to publish ten weeks of awesome blog posts
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  • Access to our e-course (for free) so you can really “level up” your blog
  • Comraderie among a community of bloggers around the world who are promoting cross-cultural exchange and understanding


As a participant, you’ll get an e-mail with blog post prompts once per week, on Mondays, right after you sign up. Our prompts will challenge you to get those creative juices flowing again and to craft inspired, meaningful blog posts that will keep your readers coming back for more.

You’ll have a week after you receive the prompt via e-mail to write your response on your own blog and include the “Blogging Abroad Challenge” badge (more about that in the e-mails).

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