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If you’ve been keeping a blog while you’re abroad, and…

  • you haven’t been giving your blog the attention you originally hoped for it, or
  • your posts have been getting bland, or
  • you’re not feeling inspired to write anymore, or
  • you just don’t know what to write about

…then a blogging boot camp challenge is just what you need!



The purpose of our Blog Challenge is to help you power through a set period of time with a consistent series of awesome culture-related blog posts. Start now!


What You’ll Get:

  • Motivation and support to publish ten weeks of awesome blog posts
  • Exposure to new readers on and social media
  • Access to our new e-course (for free) so you can really “level up” your blog
  • Access to a community of bloggers around the world who are promoting cross-cultural exchange and understanding


How It Works:

We kicked off 2016 with our first ever Boot Camp Blog challenge with over 100 bloggers around the world. We got such great feedback that we decided to recreate the experience for more bloggers. This time we’ve eased up on the “boot camp” schedule and you can start whenever you’re ready.


When you join our Blog Challenge, this is what you can expect:

  • You’ll get an e-mail with blog post prompts every Monday for ten weeks.
  • Our prompts will challenge you to get those creative juices flowing again and to craft inspired, meaningful blog posts that will keep your readers coming back for more.
  • You’ll have a week after you receive the prompt via e-mail to write your response on your own blog.
  • To keep this project free, we just ask that you include the “Blogging Abroad Challenge” badge and link in your posts to help spread the word about us.
  • Once each post is published, you’re welcome to add your link to the comments of the corresponding “round up” post for that topic (see sidebar to the right for the links).


You’ll be writing alongside other bloggers around the world and will be able to read and share each other’s stories. If your post is particularly good, we may even request to use it as an example in one of our upcoming Blogging Abroad courses!


Start your 10 week Blog Challenge now
When does the Blog Challenge start?

Our New Year’s Boot Camp Challenge has already wrapped up, but now we have an automated version that you can start whenever you want! Once you sign up, you’ll start getting e-mail prompts on the following Monday.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our e-mail list to get notifications of other upcoming challenges!

What if I've already written something on a given prompt? Can I submit a link to an older post?

Yes, that is fine if you’ve already published something in the past that fits the week’s prompt. Consider revising it to make it even better or add new insight you’ve learned since you first wrote it.

What happens if I miss a blog post or have to publish it late?

Keep going. We’re not going to kick you out if you fall behind. But remember, this is a chance to hone your craft, become a better blogger, and accomplish something worthwhile. Our community needs your unique voice and perspective. Your readers want to hear from you, and if you don’t share with them the benefits of what you’re experiencing abroad, who will?

You can always be included in our “round ups” by adding a comment at the bottom of the corresponding round up post with your link.

How do I embed the Blogging Abroad badge in my post?

You can do this two ways.

    1. Copy the code below and paste it into the HTML tab of your post:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-22″ src=”” alt=”Blogging Abroad’s Blog Challenge” width=”350″ height=”263″ /></a>

    2. You can upload the image to your blog and make sure it’s hyperlinked to

Blog Challenge 2016


If you’re still having trouble, the most important thing is to mention somewhere that you’re participating in our blog challenge and share our link:

Is the Blog Challenge a competition? Will I win something?

Blog Challenges are more about challenging yourself. There is no competition involved. Although we don’t have official prizes, you do get something out of it: the feeling of accomplishment, a more engaging blog, the chance to blog alongside others around the world and exchange stories, and access to our e-course- among other things!

I don't have internet at home. When should I plan my weekly internet time for this Challenge?

All of the prompts will be sent by e-mail on Monday mornings PST.

So as an example, if you’re only able to go to the internet twice per week, we would recommend Tuesday and sometime on the weekend. That way, you can get the prompt e-mail, write your posts offline on the days in between, and publish your post before the week’s deadline is up.

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