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11 Jan Blog Challenge Responses Round Up #2

We have another great round of blog posts from our Blog Challenge participants today! Here’s what they’ve been working on…

The Prompt

Challenge #2 = Home Share your own “home away from home” or, generally, what the homes are like in your host community.

Along with the prompt, participants also received a number of creative ideas for different ways to approach their response. After a week to work on their responses, we’ve rounded up their published posts in one place for you here.


We invite you to check out the Blog Challenge blog post links at the bottom of this post, but first, here are a few interesting highlights from this round of responses:

Join Us!

Want to participate? If you’d like to join the Blog Challenge and get the remaining blog post prompts in real time, sign up here and check the “more information about Blog Challenges” box.


Note: Several bloggers have opted to do one out of the two prompts each week and others are joining in late. Check back here for later additions to this Round Up!


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