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07 Jan Blog Challenge Responses Round Up #1

It has begun!

On January 1, bloggers living around the world embarked on a six week adventure in blogging with us. We have over 100 folks living in about 40 different countries signed up, with more joining every day. Roughly one week ago, the first prompt was sent to them via e-mail, which challenged them to create a blog post dedicated to their “Why.”

The Prompt

Challenge #1 = Your Why ... Why are you are abroad? What led you to pursue your current adventure?

Along with the prompt, Challenge participants also received a number of creative ideas for different ways to approach their response. Over the past week, their posts have been pouring out into the blogosphere and we’ve rounded them up for you here.


Everyone has a unique, compelling version of their “Why.” Today, we want to highlight a few posts that were particularly creative and effective:

We invite you to take some time to get to know more of our Blog Challenge bloggers by checking out the Round Up links we’ve included below. You can also find their posts on our Boot Camp Blog Challenge pinterest board.

Join us!

Want to participate? If you’d like to join the Blog Challenge and get the remaining blog post prompts in real time, sign up here and check the “more information about Blog Challenges” box. 



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